Switching from F-150 to Ram 1500

Hello to all that have followed me on here before when I did a year blog about our new German Shepherd puppy. I enjoyed typing up his first year with us on here and so for some reason I wanted to start a new blog on my new truck.

As usual I am not sure where to start with this. Basically, I wanted to type from the beginning of the idea to paper signing and then work our way through the three year lease so I can have the ups and downs along with pros and cons with the truck itself documented and share with an audience.

Before we dive into what I got and why, lets touch on what I had before and what I traded in for the new truck. I am not going to go into all the vehicles I have owned since I was 16 cause there are so many and some for a very short time with no reason other than mainly getting bored and wanting a change. The truck I traded in was a great truck. It was a 2014 Ford F-150 XLT 4×4 crew cab with HID headlights, back-up camera, and leather seats. It only had 39,200ish miles on it.

As I was raised my family mainly owned Chevy’s. There were Fords here and there but was informed they were of bad quality and to never own one. No foreign cars/trucks at all. If it wasn’t “American” made then it didn’t belong in our driveways pretty plain and simple. Therefore, my first vehicle was a 1986 Chevrolet Cavalier off yellow four door with over 100,000 miles. It served its purpose for me and I took very good care of it.

Then when it was time for a new vehicle the idea and desire for a truck struck me hard. Can’t say why or how it was like that but I knew I wanted a truck or at the very least an SUV but they were always more pricey and still are today. My first truck was a 1993 GMC Sonoma standard cab short box 4×4. See a trend here? GM’s were the way to go with my mother and only to a certain dealer she had dealt with since 1986.

From that GMC truck to now I have had a few other cars, a couple of SUV’s, and several other trucks. Went through Chevy, Jeeps, Dodge (Dakota’s), Nissan (Titan, Maxima, and Frontier), then to Ford. Had almost no problems with any of them to be honest. All taken well care of. All cleaned often as I am anal about it. More on that later. My mom still swears by GM vehicles however I am okay with any manufacturer out there because they all have their good and bad and some models better than others. Some years are good and others one should run from. It is what it is with anything. Some good and some bad.

Let’s fast forward to 2010. I had just finished going through a life change involving bankruptcy and divorce as a package deal pretty much. Tried to keep the Harley I had then and the Nissan Frontier that was a perfect truck overall. During this whole process there were a few months where the attorney said not to pay anything while it all goes through and then we will work with the lenders to keep the vehicles. We did just that and negotiated new terms and such. All was well or so I thought. One day they showed up to take the Frontier even after I had been making monthly payments. It was those missing ones they wanted taken care of and being single and paying child support one just doesn’t have that in their pocket so off it went and I had to start over. Probably a good thing anyway.

So I needed a new vehicle and if you have read any of this you know it had to be a truck. Armed with internet searches quick as could be and the unknown of how I was going to fare for financing based on everything I went out and started looking in person and test driving. I landed up at a local dealer that had a few trucks and they supposedly had financing for anyone. Worth a whirl. Had to start fresh.

Met with the salesman and test drove a 2006 F-150 bright red crew cab two wheel drive with bigger wheels/tires than stock and a leveling kit supposedly from California. Not a hint of rust and in damn good shape. Had low mileage as well. All the red flags someone should look for but I took it out anyway. Drove great and had awesome interior space for my kids. There was another truck a Dodge Ram with a Hemi in it. Not as in good shape. Little higher mileage and even though there was hype on the motor it just didn’t impress me.

The numbers and financing worked out and I drove off the next day with the Ford. Solid truck. No problems. Enjoyed it a lot. During the year or so I had it I put on a tick over 20,000 miles. Met my now current wife and life began a fast forward of more amazing changes and overall much much better life than I could ever imagine. The red Ford got traded in for a 2012 F-150 then two years later another F-150 but a 2014. Both were brand new. Neither an issue with them either and again the trend for me was becoming a Ford man. Didn’t mess with the ecoboost V6’s went for the 5.0 V8’s. I love the sound of a V8 and don’t want to wait for a turbo to spool up. If anyone is watching the auto market though we will be out of V8’s more than likely in a few years and have super or turbo powered 4 and 6 cylinder motors only with electric being the main power plants and these as alternate options for more money.

Now that we have been where I was, let’s get to the now shall we. Why go from a Ford to what is now Ram since Fiat-Chrysler took over and made Ram its own brand from Dodge. I have always liked Dodge or Ram body styles. You get more options for the money than GM or Ford. Some of the Ram’s technology is better as well. However, there are downsides with Ram as with any truck though and it has usually kept me away except for this time.

December 24th, 2016 my wife and I bought a 2017 Dodge Durango and traded in a 2012 Chevy Captiva (Saturn Vue). During the buying process of the Durango I looked at what Dodge/Ram had become and had a pretty good experience with our salesman. Since then the Durango has yet to disappoint and is a beautiful vehicle over all functionally and versatility wise.

After we bought it I thought maybe I should trade in my truck for an R/T Durango (one with a Hemi in it) but having two Durangos is just dumb lol. Let the idea go and for a few months didn’t think about anything. I mean all was well with the current truck and no need to switch or mess with things. Ask anyone who knows me and they will say if its times for tires or an oil change I will be looking for a new vehicle. Well it wasn’t oil change time but it was getting close to tire time and while I had been looking at new tires I was also looking at new truck deals and thought what the hell…

On one of my days off I went back to the local dealership and met up with our previous salesman and began discussing Rams and ended up taking out an all black 2017 Ram sport with air ride and pretty damn loaded. We drove it for a while, brought it to my house to see how it fit in the garage and then sent a picture of it to the wife saying “uh oh”. We can say for certain that this went over poorly with her asking what I was doing and why.

Back at the dealership we briefly talked some quick numbers with trade in value and possible lease payments. I wont get into this on this post but the next one if you follow along in this journey…

At the end of my time at the dealership with the salesman we were looking at their sister dealerships and other trucks they had available to them. Let me back up here for this next part to make some sort of sense. My wife’s Durango is a red in color with the blacktop package which means black 20 inch wheels, black outside mirrors, no roof rack, and black emblems on the outside. It is pretty sweet. So as we were looking on the site there was a red one still in transit that would darn near match the Durango. Dumb as it was or is I was like heck yeah.

It had the options I was looking for. We agreed that when it came in we would take it out and then discuss numbers more in depth if I liked it and wanted to move forward. We were very clear with our salesman that we don’t want bullshit and no calls or emails unless we initiate. He did well on both occasions.

Alright, next blog post is about the new truck and below is the Ford that was traded in… see you there.



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