2017 Ram 1500 Impressions/Issues

Hey there. I have gained a new follower so thanks for reading my blog and about my new truck. As I stated in my previous post I will be going over how I feel about the new truck so far. Any issues I have had and some of the small things I have done to it to make it more my own. Keep in mind it is a lease so I am limited with what I can do to it.

May 2nd 2017. Day 2 of official possession and I had to start my ways with it. One thing that any dealership does is do a delivery “detail” for the buyer. RIGHT!!! In the first blog post about this I mentioned “more about that later” on detailing. Well now is the later so let me share with you my experience and my OCD with cleanliness.

One of my first jobs was in the summer of 1995 working at a detail shop cleaning interiors. It was a good job then. I was 14 so I took what I could get and a friend owned the business. Learned a lot but never got my hands on the exterior buffers. They were so much more dangerous then with wool pads and high speeds. Paint burn was easily done. To this day I still want to learn how to do it.

Since that summer and with all my vehicles I have learned ways to keep them looking as best as I can on my time and budget. For the record hand waxing sucks big time. Also I said I am anal. Here is why that is. I can not stand people touching my windows. No finger prints or smudges. I use towels on top of my rubber mats to soak up wetness in the winter so it doesn’t roll off onto the carpet. Only use good quality microfibers and detail sprays or cleaners.  No one eats in my vehicles either. Crumbs are debris and food over time makes the vehicle smell horrid. Now, I will run and grab McDonalds or the like and take home though. Sure that smell sticks in the vehicle for a day or so. Gross.

After work on the second day I came home and cleaned up the interior. Vacuumed it. Washed all the interior windows cause they did not obviously. Wiped down the dash and also organized the glove boxes and center console. Placed towels on the carpet mats until I can purchase the husky mats I want for the front and back. The next step was de-badging the trucks emblems. Take off the black RAM 1500 letters, Hemi emblem, and the 4×4 on the back tail gate. I told my salesman I was going to take them off and he said go for it. No it was not in writing but I have a fix if it becomes an issue. I saved all the letters and emblems and will attach a sheet magnet to them and put them back on.

While I was going over the truck with my hands and eyes in the day light I could see if there were any concerns I should have or anything wrong with it. I noticed two paint imperfections but nothing I wanted anyone to mess with and the second thing I found was under the rear bench seat there is an led light that shines on the floor passenger side was not working. Took me awhile to figure it out but traced the wires back up and they were not in the connection at all. Appeared the black or negative side had broke from the factory. There were two connections for some reason. I fixed it myself. All is well.

I also took off the factory antenna and put on the short version I had from my F-150 but when I am driving it it whistles at interstate speeds. Working on solutions for this. One is another shorter rubber version because I tried some shrink tubing over the base and it did not fix it. Must be the ball at the top and the aerodynamics of this truck causing the wind to cross it differently.

May 3rd 2017 day 3. My day off and after completing the morning routine took it to the car wash and then home and spent several hours cleaning down the outside of it. Cleaned the wheels, windows, and paint was spray waxed for now. Doing this process is therapeutic for me. Relaxes and lets me know my truck better.

So far I love the truck. Still have some reservations in the back of my mind of how it will fair in quality over all to the Ford F-150’s I have had but only time can tell at this point. The ride it better. The interior is far better. Doors shut better. So for now there are more betters and hoping less negatives than in my mind. It is growing on me each day as well.

Think this about sums up the first few days so far. I believe in the next post I will cover the driving of the vehicle and my first dilemma that I went to the forums with.

Will attach photos below later on of the debadge and the wiring issue I fixed.




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