Switching from F-150 to Ram 1500

Hello to all that have followed me on here before when I did a year blog about our new German Shepherd puppy. I enjoyed typing up his first year with us on here and so for some reason I wanted to start a new blog on my new truck.

As usual I am not sure where to start with this. Basically, I wanted to type from the beginning of the idea to paper signing and then work our way through the three year lease so I can have the ups and downs along with pros and cons with the truck itself documented and share with an audience.

Before we dive into what I got and why, lets touch on what I had before and what I traded in for the new truck. I am not going to go into all the vehicles I have owned since I was 16 cause there are so many and some for a very short time with no reason other than mainly getting bored and wanting a change. The truck I traded in was a great truck. It was a 2014 Ford F-150 XLT 4×4 crew cab with HID headlights, back-up camera, and leather seats. It only had 39,200ish miles on it.

As I was raised my family mainly owned Chevy’s. There were Fords here and there but was informed they were of bad quality and to never own one. No foreign cars/trucks at all. If it wasn’t “American” made then it didn’t belong in our driveways pretty plain and simple. Therefore, my first vehicle was a 1986 Chevrolet Cavalier off yellow four door with over 100,000 miles. It served its purpose for me and I took very good care of it.

Then when it was time for a new vehicle the idea and desire for a truck struck me hard. Can’t say why or how it was like that but I knew I wanted a truck or at the very least an SUV but they were always more pricey and still are today. My first truck was a 1993 GMC Sonoma standard cab short box 4×4. See a trend here? GM’s were the way to go with my mother and only to a certain dealer she had dealt with since 1986.

From that GMC truck to now I have had a few other cars, a couple of SUV’s, and several other trucks. Went through Chevy, Jeeps, Dodge (Dakota’s), Nissan (Titan, Maxima, and Frontier), then to Ford. Had almost no problems with any of them to be honest. All taken well care of. All cleaned often as I am anal about it. More on that later. My mom still swears by GM vehicles however I am okay with any manufacturer out there because they all have their good and bad and some models better than others. Some years are good and others one should run from. It is what it is with anything. Some good and some bad.

Let’s fast forward to 2010. I had just finished going through a life change involving bankruptcy and divorce as a package deal pretty much. Tried to keep the Harley I had then and the Nissan Frontier that was a perfect truck overall. During this whole process there were a few months where the attorney said not to pay anything while it all goes through and then we will work with the lenders to keep the vehicles. We did just that and negotiated new terms and such. All was well or so I thought. One day they showed up to take the Frontier even after I had been making monthly payments. It was those missing ones they wanted taken care of and being single and paying child support one just doesn’t have that in their pocket so off it went and I had to start over. Probably a good thing anyway.

So I needed a new vehicle and if you have read any of this you know it had to be a truck. Armed with internet searches quick as could be and the unknown of how I was going to fare for financing based on everything I went out and started looking in person and test driving. I landed up at a local dealer that had a few trucks and they supposedly had financing for anyone. Worth a whirl. Had to start fresh.

Met with the salesman and test drove a 2006 F-150 bright red crew cab two wheel drive with bigger wheels/tires than stock and a leveling kit supposedly from California. Not a hint of rust and in damn good shape. Had low mileage as well. All the red flags someone should look for but I took it out anyway. Drove great and had awesome interior space for my kids. There was another truck a Dodge Ram with a Hemi in it. Not as in good shape. Little higher mileage and even though there was hype on the motor it just didn’t impress me.

The numbers and financing worked out and I drove off the next day with the Ford. Solid truck. No problems. Enjoyed it a lot. During the year or so I had it I put on a tick over 20,000 miles. Met my now current wife and life began a fast forward of more amazing changes and overall much much better life than I could ever imagine. The red Ford got traded in for a 2012 F-150 then two years later another F-150 but a 2014. Both were brand new. Neither an issue with them either and again the trend for me was becoming a Ford man. Didn’t mess with the ecoboost V6’s went for the 5.0 V8’s. I love the sound of a V8 and don’t want to wait for a turbo to spool up. If anyone is watching the auto market though we will be out of V8’s more than likely in a few years and have super or turbo powered 4 and 6 cylinder motors only with electric being the main power plants and these as alternate options for more money.

Now that we have been where I was, let’s get to the now shall we. Why go from a Ford to what is now Ram since Fiat-Chrysler took over and made Ram its own brand from Dodge. I have always liked Dodge or Ram body styles. You get more options for the money than GM or Ford. Some of the Ram’s technology is better as well. However, there are downsides with Ram as with any truck though and it has usually kept me away except for this time.

December 24th, 2016 my wife and I bought a 2017 Dodge Durango and traded in a 2012 Chevy Captiva (Saturn Vue). During the buying process of the Durango I looked at what Dodge/Ram had become and had a pretty good experience with our salesman. Since then the Durango has yet to disappoint and is a beautiful vehicle over all functionally and versatility wise.

After we bought it I thought maybe I should trade in my truck for an R/T Durango (one with a Hemi in it) but having two Durangos is just dumb lol. Let the idea go and for a few months didn’t think about anything. I mean all was well with the current truck and no need to switch or mess with things. Ask anyone who knows me and they will say if its times for tires or an oil change I will be looking for a new vehicle. Well it wasn’t oil change time but it was getting close to tire time and while I had been looking at new tires I was also looking at new truck deals and thought what the hell…

On one of my days off I went back to the local dealership and met up with our previous salesman and began discussing Rams and ended up taking out an all black 2017 Ram sport with air ride and pretty damn loaded. We drove it for a while, brought it to my house to see how it fit in the garage and then sent a picture of it to the wife saying “uh oh”. We can say for certain that this went over poorly with her asking what I was doing and why.

Back at the dealership we briefly talked some quick numbers with trade in value and possible lease payments. I wont get into this on this post but the next one if you follow along in this journey…

At the end of my time at the dealership with the salesman we were looking at their sister dealerships and other trucks they had available to them. Let me back up here for this next part to make some sort of sense. My wife’s Durango is a red in color with the blacktop package which means black 20 inch wheels, black outside mirrors, no roof rack, and black emblems on the outside. It is pretty sweet. So as we were looking on the site there was a red one still in transit that would darn near match the Durango. Dumb as it was or is I was like heck yeah.

It had the options I was looking for. We agreed that when it came in we would take it out and then discuss numbers more in depth if I liked it and wanted to move forward. We were very clear with our salesman that we don’t want bullshit and no calls or emails unless we initiate. He did well on both occasions.

Alright, next blog post is about the new truck and below is the Ford that was traded in… see you there.



Roman July 2015 Edition

Well good morning everyone. It has been some time since the last post on here. Seems weird that time has gone so fast this last year. So much has happened and yet it seems like a blink of an eye. Wouldn’t change anything if I could. Are you ready to begin the Roman updates? I am. Lets go…

As I said it has been almost a year already. In fact we are placing his birthday on July 10th since that is the best guess we could get from what we were told on how old he was when we got him. Let me say that again. He will be a year old! Wow. The year for him has gone fast and he grew at a ridiculous speed. Amazing what he turned out to be as well. I am very proud to be his dad and without his mom he also would not be the good boy he is today!

Since the last blog I am trying to recall anything that has occurred. Our family has been busy with traveling for graduations, prepping and placing our house for sale, and of course working. The dogs are best friends and love to play outside in the backyard when it is nice which its been raining so much here that their time outside has been limited but when they get out there is no holds barred with each other. Then after about 10-15 min or maybe even less Roman is done and will lay down in the shade or on the concrete patio to just watch his sister.

One recent development with him that we have noticed is his desire to become more of a 100 pound lap dog. He now wants to be on the couch or your lap more. He used to like attention but preferred the floor. This has changed unless he is hot then he wants to lay by an air vent. He is still so so verbal with his demands for attention when I come home or not touching him. Crazy!

This spring we changed our living room from carpet to laminate flooring and while we would vacuum at least every other day if not more to keep up with the dog hair but now… now with the laminate its like tumbleweeds of dog hair everywhere between the two of them. His coat is thick and shiny but the dude sheds like a mother. Goodness. We will literally clean is spotless and in ten minutes there is a pile moving across the floor with the air. Where did that come from? Oh well its part of them and we love it.

With the changes we made to the flooring, Roman decided it was a good idea to chew on the new wood quarter round while his mother was showering and then in the mornings after he was let outside to go to the bathroom and then back to the bedroom floor to sleep until someone got up he chose to chew on the bed comforter and spread stuffing everywhere. We have stopped both and it was short lived but considering he did not chew anything up as a pup really this was not a big deal and easily replaceable. German Shepherds and boredom don’t mix which anyone who knows the breed is aware of.

We are so happy to have Roman in our lives and he has been a super addition to our family. In fact if my wife could have it her way we would get two more!!! Yeah she cra cra just kidding lol. Actually if we had the room I am also down for at least one more. Just don’t have the space for one in our current house and no room at all for another kennel in the bedroom. Although Roman and Macy only use them when we are not home at this point.

That’s about all I can think of for now. Since it has been a quick year and I was not able to stay up to date week to week as I had hoped  and even though he is going to be one already I am not done with this blog. I plan to keep it going for as long as I can so someday we can go back through and read it as a family to remember his antics and life. I may not have been as motivated if it was for my wife, our kids, and of course you the readers/followers. I thank you all and hope you continue to read these.

Of course I’ll add todays pic!



Roman Week #34 4-12-15

Wait what? Week #34 is this right? That would mean we are 18 weeks away from a year. WOW!

I am sure many of you who follow this blog are thinking who is this stranger. Fair enough, but I have many reasons for my absence plus at the end you will see just how much Roman has grown and matured. He is the dog we wanted and needed to a “T”.

Alright so here we go. It has been six weeks since I last blogged. A lot has gone on in our family. Kids were active in activities. Spring break came and went. School year is rapidly approaching the end. Seems like there is the never ending daily life. Not one thing we would change either.

Lets go back about a month. We went on a family vacation to Disney World for a week. What an amazing time. Parks were great and while expensive it was well worth the investment. Weather was great and it was good to get away, well sort of… We missed the dogs big time. We had never left Macy and of course not Roman at a kennel while going on a vacation. We have had people watch Macy before in our house but this time it wasn’t feasible.

However, we left them with our trainer. She runs a kennel and a very nice one at that. The dogs shared a large kennel inside her building and got to play outside with other dogs. She would send us pics and video of them and keep us up to date if wanted on how they were doing. She is a well educated and responsible breeder with German Shepherds so there was no doubt how she would be great with them. So they were there for nine days and got a bath on the day we picked them up. Our trainer did say that Macy was okay with Roman being gone to get his bath but when Macy left him he shook. Needless to say he is attached to his sister would be an understatement.

It may sound funny but I was nervous that they would forget our routines at home and somehow be changed but alas they were so happy to see us and to be home that it all fell back in place immediately! They were exhausted though. I think they missed their spots on the couches and next to us on the floor by the bed at night. Rightfully so!

Training. Tonight is their last night of advanced class. They have done really well. Roman is a great dog and doesn’t care about much. He is easy going and likes to meet new people but little dogs freak him out. He doesn’t know his size nor what he is still. Now with all that said I think wifey and I are also glad training is done formally. It was worth every cent and while in this advanced part we missed two sessions it will be nice to have Sunday evenings free again. The training in home and out will not stop however as we want them to always behave and listen. Last night we took them for a walk and worked them for awhile and that is what we will keep doing. When we got back we stayed out in the front and they were off leash. Both dogs loved the freedom and stayed right with us.

We are beginning to transition Roman off of puppy food to adult food per the vets recommendation so he can have a little less fat in his diet now. He is not overweight but we want to watch that aspect for his hips and overall health. He is at my best guess is approaching 90 pounds. He is active but lazy at the same time so switching him over and cutting a cups worth of food out of his daily intake will be good at this point.

I think this is all for now. Per normal time is flying and I know when I get home I will have a 85-90 pound shedding hair beast anxiously awaiting me with kisses and whining cause he missed me. We sure do love him and his sister as well. Again please let me know if you enjoy reading these or ever want to share advice or just comment be my guest.

Here he is as of this morning.

Roman 4-12-15


Roman Week #28 3-1-15

Hello there everyone. I recall saying when I began this blog that I wanted to do an update each and every week. I tried hard in the beginning to do just that and did fairly well I believe. However, as well all know since the few first months it has dropped back to being sporadic. It is what it is. I am keeping this going as it’s fun and seeing our boy grow and change in every way is still as exciting as the first day we got him. Just have to bear with me and I will keep posting as much as I can.

Now lets get down to what is really important here. Mr. Roman. Oh where to begin this week. Well looking back at my last post I will update everyone on his paw. It bled off and on during the week until he got to the vet. They of course said it is very common and takes 4-6 weeks to heal if he would let it be. Knowing any dog like a human he wouldn’t. They gave us Prednisone to give him every other day and even after the first pill it made huge progress. We used I think four pills total and its 90% healed now. Starting to regrow some hair now.

He also got checked for heart-worm and weighed. He weighed 79.6 pounds. I am sure he is over 80 now as its been another two weeks. He did awesome at the vet per normal. He wasn’t so sure about the cats that get to be in there free or the ones in the cage for adoption so he just left them be.

Roman successfully passed the basic obedience class and now him and his sister Macy are in the advanced class together. They both started last week. First couple of weeks are basic review and then move on to more advanced obedience commands and using the flat collar and off-leash activities. Both did very well. It is a full class with about 12 or so dogs so their attention is at times hard to keep for now. Looking forward to making these the best behaved dogs we can have. It has been very self rewarding for us. I have never had a trained dog like this with Macy or Roman.

Otherwise most things with Roman right now are pretty normal and routine. He still loves to be where ever we are. Loves to be in the middle of the kitchen floor mainly when we are in there cooking and getting in the way. Like to lick dishes in the dishwasher as it is being loaded after meals. Gets told “No” a lot for that. One day we will end up tripping over him just know it.

When we were at the vet we did discuss his food intake and we are going to stick to the three cups twice a day for now and we were advised to possibly switch his food over to adult food around the 9 month mark as he will be able to have the less fat content in adult food quicker due to his size and then we will determine if the same amount is needed or back it off some. Right now he is perfect shape and not over weight for his body so not worried.

I think this is about it for the week. Thank you all for the comments and likes. I know I have followers now and makes it even more interesting for me and him if he were to actually understand.

Oh and of course, here he is as of today and for kicks a baby picture of him. Pictures courtesy of my wife!


Roman 3-1-15


Roman 2-8-15 Week #25

Hello all. It is February and we are getting closer to spring and it has been yep over five weeks since I have last been on here to make an update. Nothing to say but life and time are always changing. Things have been good just very busy. I have lots of news and changes with Roman to share. Shall I begin?

Alright then lets hit it. Roman is a big big boy now. He got neutered a couple weeks back already and they weighed him in at a whopping 73 pounds already!!! We are still only feeding him six cups a day. Three each meal. His mother (wifey) wants to do more but he is looking perfect and not overweight or under. He drinks a lot of water and his coat is great. He still loves ice cubes and has not grabbed any food off the table. he did however like a cheeseburger on the coffee table recently but left it be. Surprising!

Tonight is to be the last night of training for phase one general obedience. Last week was missed cause it was cancelled due to weather here. Got to love Iowa. He has done so well and we plan on going to the advanced class later in the month as long as the trainer believes he is ready. We are very proud of him and he has learned quick. He is a well behaved dog on and off leash with exception to the back yard where he is stubborn at times. Par for the course.

As I said above, Roman got neutered a couple weeks ago by the local animal rescue league. They had an offer that really no one can pass up. Due to the area we live in we got a postcard in the mail offering pets to be spayed/neutered for free. We called and got him set up. They even offered to pick up and drop him off. Of course he is our little boy and we could not do that so Wifey took him and picked him up. However, during his surgery they found out that one of his testicles had not dropped and they had to go search for it. Meaning the simple procedure got more invasive and they dug for testicle up in his stomach fat and had to pull it down to complete the procedure. Needless to say he was in some good pain he first day and was on an antibiotic for over a week twice a day. His hair is now growing back and seems to be all healed. Poor guy.

Now we are dealing with another issue that is of concern to us. On his left rear paw on the inside by his toe there is a sore that is like a wart almost but it is red and swollen. The other day when it was really cold outside and he was in the snow he favored that leg to the point he had it pulled up and was almost walking on three legs until I got him inside and he warmed up. He was only out for a little bit. Yesterday it broke open a little and started to bleed. We have a vet appointment already set for this coming Friday for his standard check up but want them to look at it as well. Wifey called the vet yesterday though and asked about the sore. They advised to put some neosporin on it and cover it with a sock if he does not leave it be. Not sure what it really is but it worries us greatly.

For the past week or so at night we have been testing Roman with sleeping next to me on the floor instead of him being in his kennel. Main reason really is that as he has gotten bigger and heavier his paws make a huge racket in the night on the kennel plastic floor waking us when he moves around. The door is still open so he can go in there if he wants and sometimes he chooses to do so. (So much different than when we got him and he whined like an infant while in there) It has worked so far. He seems to enjoy the carpet and being able to move around. Only downside. Dog hair embedded into the carpet on my side! Totally worth it though.

Macy and Roman continue to grow closer together. He wants her toys when she is playing with them. She worries when he is not there. They will actually sleep together side by side on the couch more. The thing is they are two totally different dogs. Macy is the watch dog and barks at people and watches out the window more. He is more relaxed and will only break out the big boy bark or growl if there is a stranger at the door or playing. He would rather just be chill. He enjoys his food the most then will hang out and chew on a bone all by himself and self entertains with a ball playing soccer.

The past several weeks in our lives as many others are always busy and I am going to keep my best here to always keep this as up to date as I can. I always think about this blog and what it has done for us and enjoy peoples comments and likes. Thank you all. We are only seven months into Roman’s life and so much more to go. Keep reading…

Here he is as of today!

Roman 2-8-15


Roman Week #20 1-4-2014

So you all hate me right? I mean I haven’t been here to keep anyone updated on Roman for a few weeks. It is so easy to fall behind on this with life going on all the time and Sundays I have been trying to wait to blog so I can update on his progress in that as well. But then here we are three weeks since I last put anything on here.

First to start off. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and is having a good new year. We are in 2015 already. The last few months have flown by and Roman is a growing into a small man each day. We are going into our fifth week of training tonight and he is doing very well. Only thing he does not want to do well at is the down command but I am confident we will get it right soon enough. The downside to him learning is me. I need to work with him more and I have not. My wife however has done good to work with him some each day so he will listen to whoever gives him a command. Of course its also because he is a momma’s boy! Our class is late at night so he is usually pretty mello when we get there at 800 p.m and he learns for an hour and when we get home he eats and then he wants to crash. Do not blame him. Roman is getting better about getting into the car to go to training and rides well in the back.

Besides training and living daily life with his sister Macy, he likes to get attention and is starting to really entertain himself more and more. He likes to roll a ball around and get it with his paws. Will lay down on the floor and just chew on a bone. Speaking of which he has a lot of his adult teeth now and I don’t think we ever even saw a baby tooth on the floor or food/water dishes. We did see blood time to time on his toys though. Roman is still an attention whore if you will. Likes to come up and take the attention away if Macy is getting loving from someone. He will also make sure whoever is in bed in the room is okay before going back to his kennel. If you do not pay attention to him he will make noises to let you know he is there and to pet him.

Couple of things we need to look into on Roman. He will still have excited urination’s time to time. He has some raunchy breath. Then of course this is the month he can be neutered so that will be done shortly as well but if his mother gets her way she would want to breed him. No room in this house for puppies though. Things we have worked on so far is mastering the sit and wait command while we fill his food dish and make him wait until we say okay to eat. He does great with this now. One last thing for this part. He is starting to get the sense of strangers. He will bark if someone comes into the bedroom near the kennel he doesn’t know and it is the deep bark. But if he is at the door or window and sees things he does not bark yet. Think the protective nature is starting to come into play.

Hard to believe Roman is 6 months this month and Macy is going to be two. They are now attached together Macy gets super upset when Roman leaves the house without her. We took her to training to watch Roman two weeks ago and she did well but he was distracted by her a little. He may annoy her a lot but at the same time they love to play with each other as well. We are thankful they are bonded now. Will be hard when one of them leaves us in many many years from now on the one who is still around also.

Here is Roman as of today and him and Macy together as well.



Roman Weeks #16 & #17

Good morning to everyone. We are pretty much half into December already and this month is floating along with crazy speed in our house and only going to ramp up more. Have a lot of news to share with Roman and since I made you all wait yet again it will be worth it.

Let me see. Where to start. Oh yes, last weekend we had company from out of town and they had two small boys who are not to sure of dogs cause of their size and one of them had been chased prior by a large dog that was playing with him. So we were wondering how they would do with Roman and better yet how he would do with others in our house as they stayed the night.

To say the least we were blown away. He did amazing. He did not jump on them, he did not chase them, he did not bark at them, and he pretty much let them be as he must have sensed they were nervous. He did however the second day want to sit with the older one. We were proud. Their parents were amazed and said he was a good dog and missed their dog. We did not do anything really either he just did it on his own.

Now to training from last Sunday. As I said before we have used this trainer for Macy so we knew what to expect and had shown Roman some basics before we went so far in his life so it wasn’t a complete surprise to him. We had a hard time getting him in the car to leave. He was adamant he was not getting in but me lifting him into the car changed that! He has been drooling so bad when we go places now but he did not get sick this time and did okay otherwise. We arrived at the place and got out to see if he had to relieve himself. He saw other dogs going in and smelled a couple but was not sure. As we found a place to sit and wait for the other class to end he sat and backed himself under my chair as close or far back as he could to the wall to see and protect I am guessing himself. There was an 11 month old German that walked by and he almost growled at him for some reason and backed up more.

When it was our turn him and I got up and onto the mats on the floor and he sat next to me paying attention to me intently. We listened to the trainer and did what she wanted us to do. He honestly did absolutely amazing. Impressed us greatly. When we walked he walked next to me on my left side like he should. Sat when I stopped like he is supposed to. When we did walks and did the turn about to change direction he was a little slow and had to much distance but I will work with him and correct it. He was timid and not sure so the trainer told me to love him up more and give him more verbal praise. He responded and relaxed more towards the end and seemed to be generally happy. Like I said a little before when we weren’t moving he would make sure to look at me and make sure he was paying attention and seeing and reading my body language. Roman and I were praised for doing things well and to keep working on them for the week. Roman has out grown his prong collar so we had to borrow one to use that night and tonight is week #2 of training and we will take his and add links so we can use it more outside of training. He is a smart dog and wants to please us big time.

A couple other things that he is starting to do is being a big baby about going to the bathroom outside for the wifey. He will not poop for her or he takes his sweet damn time. He will get upset if he is not fed quick like in the morning. Example. I took him out the other morning and when we came back in I had to go as well and damn it to heck he was hungry and I did not do it quick enough so he went upstairs to tell his mom about it while she was still in bed sleeping. He whined so loud and was practically jumping up and down. I was done and at the bottom of the stairs calling for him. He would not have it until she stood up. Finally he came to the stairs and was coming down and gave me a few deep barks like he was telling me off. Wowsers! However, we are working on his sitting and staying while we fill his bowl so he isn’t in the way and trying to eat making a mess of it all.

Roman also is having a slight breath issue. Good grief it is bad. He is teething almost everyday now and is bleeding on his toys and the couch. All is good part of life but really want to work on his nasty butt breath. So that is something we need to look into.  I think this covers most things for now. Will try to advise how tonight goes as soon as I can but I feel confident he will do well and get the hang of things quick. May have a few downs but that is okay.

Here are a few pics. One is today’s so people can see his progress in size and others are from training and yes that is me so now you all know who is typing these. Look forward to likes and comments. Have a good week all!

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