Ram 1500 1000 miles in the book

Good morning my blog readers. The two recent posts were quick and simple. Should have spent more time on that but as life goes sometimes there is less time than needed to work on something. So far I am enjoying this because I am able to put all my thoughts, concerns, and ideas down and have them for reference to when and what. Hard to believe that a thousand miles have already gone by.

Where do I begin today? First off I still can not believe I have this truck. Didn’t think a deal would be worked out and didn’t think it was the right time but I wanted to make a change for some financial reasons but it wasn’t necessary either. When the salesman said they were making deals he wasn’t wrong so I had that on my side. It was a long night and when you get something this big it can take time to set in. Beginning to feel like it has.

As I drove off of the lot that night with a little over 42 miles I had no idea how long it would take for me to add up each mile and also knowing I have to be careful as I can only use 45,042 in the 36 months I am renting it basically. At the same time I am going to enjoy those miles and see if this Ram is worth while. If it ends up being a good truck then I will either lease another or move on to something else. As a side note the 2019 model will be a make over on this truck so it will be exciting to see what happens there.

The truck is very nice. Rides well. Has great power which one would hope with this engine and gearing (3.92). Gas mileage at this point is hovering between 16.5 and 17.0 hopefully it gets a little better but it is a heavy truck so am not to worried about it overall. There are a few things that I really love about the truck and a few things that will take some adjusting to.

Things I love.

  1. Air cooled seats.
  2. Seat comfort.
  3. Overall styling and looks of the truck.
  4. Color scheme and options I picked.
  5. Key less entry.

Things I am not sure about yet.

  1. Feeling comfortable with size when pulling in and out of garage with the front bumper and tow mirrors.
  2. How well the leather/vinyl will hold up on the seats.
  3. How the interior is black but the pillars and headliner are tan.
  4. Some of the interior rattles and noises that are happening.
  5. Wind noise coming from the doors.

In regards to those two lists above I am sure there will be more added to each or a couple moving from love to not sure and vice versa. It is all part of owning a vehicle and of course I am being super critical especially since I am keeping written tabs on it. Maybe I am being my own worst enemy here. Time will tell.

In these miles I can definitely tell the motor is opening up. The transmission is still shifting kind of oddly when coming to a stop and when taking off from a stop. If it hasn’t decided what gear to use it will rev up higher than needed. Wondering if there will be some updates needed when I take it in for the first oil change. Have read that the updates can take a few hours to accomplish so that is neat.

Let’s discuss those noises I brought up. Wind noise is becoming somewhat apparent in the front doors. It isn’t horrible yet but more noticeable than my previous truck. My biggest pet peeve currently is a rattle that is coming from the center console. It was getting so so annoying three days ago that I could literally no longer take it. After I got home from work I had my wife come out and jump in the back and see if she could isolate where it was coming from.

We took off and within a couple of blocks she was able to pin point the noise coming from the center lower console in the back below the vents. All she had to do was lightly place her foot against it and silence! It was a relief believe me. That night I went over the console and looked on the internet for ideas and possible fixes. There were problems with some of the consoles on older trucks for the lids not closing properly but mine are tight and there is no squeak coming from the top parts. I used some rubber weather stripping just in case to see.

The next day though the noise was back but slightly less abrasive. I reached back and tapped the same spot and it quit. I can not figure out what the noise is coming from and can’t see inside of it. The dealer is going to have to be the next option to see if they can isolate it. Sounds like something is lose and tapping on something. Either the vents tubes are not connected well or the cigarette plug is loose inside. If it isn’t making noise it’s so blissful. At this point the noise is still coming back.

I have washed the truck at least four times. Gave it a spray wax once so far and couple spray detail waxes. I like my vehicles clean and done my way also as noted before. It needs to have some clay bar done on the hood and other spots, probably should all over. Then a good coat of sealant. This is only my second red vehicle I have owned. Want to see how well I can keep the paint in great condition.

That is about it for now. Plan on keeping at least weekly updates on the truck from here and for sure after the first oil change in a couple months or less. Let me know if you have any comments, ideas on some solutions, or whatever with this blog. I truly appreciate the time you take in reading this. Hope you all have a great week.

Pic below is after I had cleaned it and went to the local dam to take a few pics a couple of weeks ago.