First mental debate for Ram 5.7 Hemi

Been awhile and have been wanting to get back to this so I can move on to the next blog post I need to get to.

Okay, so as with almost every new vehicle one gets the dealer will typically fill the tank full for the buyer. Of course I wouldn’t accept the new truck without this. I am pretty particular if you had not noticed and want the best deal and perks one can attempt to get.

I rolled out that night with a full tank and at a little over 100 miles later I started wondering what would be the best gas to use for this engine. Keeping in mind one doesn’t buy this type of vehicle for “good” gas mileage but wanting great performance and somewhat decent miles per gallon. Based on research from the internet including forums these Hemi engines take a few thousand miles to loosen up and the gas mileage can improve so we shall with that.

Alright so the topic here really is octane! Yes I read the owners manual. I wanted to make sure I follow the guidelines of what they recommend since they develop and built it. The manual states that the truck performs best and with adequate fuel mileage with 89 octane but 87 is acceptable with 5-10% ethanol. This is where it gets complicated with where we live.

In Iowa we no longer have 89 octane. They changed the fuel (oil) being piped into our state several years ago and taking the octane down to 85 or lower and use ethanol to increase it back to 87 or higher. Also ethanol is a huge production item in this state. Yeah we grow corn and it’s used. The current fuel options near where we live are the following. 87 plain. 87 with ethanol. 91 with ethanol. Those with ethanol have 10 percent unless you buy E85 or E15. I have never used either of the last two in any vehicle. My last truck was alternative friendly and the E85 was to boost the power and be obviously cheaper but gas mileage severely suffered and I never wanted to see how bad.

After hours and days of research I had to fill up and decided to go with my stand by of 91 octane but my research continued. Need to mention here that I prefer to only use top tier gas. There are apps out there for gas prices but there are also ones to find pure gas and top tier. When we travel there isn’t always the option to use the best but I try to pick a station that has high traffic.

On the forums and internet there are facts and many opinions. One has to weed them out and determine what is the most accurate. Not easy to always decide what is a smoke screen and what is actual truth from someone who has the education and knowledge. The common answer on there was to use 87 non-ethanol all day long and I wouldn’t notice a difference and be just fine. Therefore, I decided another route was to reach out to Ram customer service via phone and by email to see what they would advise and if one would get the same answer.

Two things I want to say here. Amazingly when I called them via phone on the customer line there was only a short hold and a English speaking female here in the US answered. She was polite and could tell she was reading something scripted with her answer but it was expected. Her response was 87 should be just fine and premium is more pricey but the decision to use that would not harm anything and usually just has more cleaning agents to make it better. Okay and the next answer…

I emailed customer service the same night as the phone call. There was an auto reply within an hour saying it was received and would get a response basically asap. The next morning I had an email from a rep saying pretty much the same thing. He did add if I used 87 it could ping and that is okay unless it got really bad then try another grade of fuel. I’ll call it even.

Those of you reading along are probably thinking. Really? This is what you concern yourself with and worry over. Yes I did and do. Maybe it is the OCD I have or anal tendencies to make sure like I said in the beginning of this new blog that I prefer to make smart decisions and buy right when I can.

So there’s that. Yesterday the new truck turned over 1000 miles! Holy cow! Just kidding. Next time we will discuss the first thousand miles and the issues that have arisen since the night of pick up and if this truck is growing on me or if I have any regrets of making a brand move…

Below is a picture of our gas options here but not the places I buy gas from. Where we get gas the ethanol is in the premium also and there is also 87 ethanol free.

Image result for 87 87 91 gas pump

Image result for casey's gas pump