3000 Mile Update and 4 Months in…

Good morning everyone.

It has been a little bit since I was on here telling you all or really maybe only myself about this truck so far. That’s okay I want this for reference as stated in the very beginning so I and you can see if Ram is worth buying or leasing. Plus more importantly staying with long term.

As the topic for today’s post notes I passed 3000 miles as of yesterday. It has been in my possession for 4 months already. Started off racking up the miles fast but as much as I love driving the truck this far I need to pay attention to and remember that there are a limited number of miles I am allowed to drive the thing in the 36 total months.

The weather here in Iowa has been HOT and dry. I also own a Harley-Davidson Street Glide that was finally paid off last month and I love to ride. Whenever I can I will be riding it and it serves many purposes in regards to this topic. It is cheaper in gas. Better gas mileage of course. It’s a blast to ride. It’s paid off now and finally it saves me mileage on the Ram!

The last month or so has been very busy on our home front which is a good thing. We had a week vacation where we did a lot of little things around our area and had a travel day to the NE part of the state. The truck sat in the garage for almost three weeks straight maybe driven twice for a quick to and from. Otherwise no need to move it. A lot of miles were saved last month and that is awesome cause who knows when the snow will fly or for how long winter will last and saving some of those miles will help later on.

Don’t have a lot of updates on any issues or any changes since it has been sitting. No new rattles or noises. I am still pleased with the truck. It was given a quick wax/sealant again with Meguires fast wax. Wanted to see how it would last and be overall. It just rained here and it beaded well but of course it was the first water it has seen so far. Will wash it after the weekend rain and go from there.

Weird to think there is only roughly 30 months left with the truck already. If I count down this way it will go quick if one looks at it by years it seems longer. It will go quick no matter what.

Oh, and one last thing that is important to note here is my son recently got his permit. We have been starting/teaching him on our Dodge Durango so far. He is having issues with its length and sensitivity. There is no way he is ready to try the truck yet and even he is nervous about it. Not to mention he knows how anal I am about it anyway. They grow fast and before long he will be in his own vehicle (hoping a small truck to start with) and then graduating from high school.

That basically sums up this update this time. Fall is around the corner and will be driving the truck a lot more very soon and am also going to take it in pretty quick for the first oil change however I am contemplating just doing it myself more so cause I am already not a fan of the dealers work and ethic. Long story maybe for another post.

Thank you all for reading if you have and not to mention staying loyal to my random blogs. Have a great weekend. Pictures of my Harley and mileage shots will be added below.